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Friday, August 11, 2006

Flogging Floyd

Something about this whole scenario just doesn't add up.

Floyd Landis was tested several times during this year's Tour de France. That includes four or five occasions prior to stage 17, when he failed the test, and two or three times after. No more than 48 hours prior to and 48 hours after his test failure he passed with flying colors.

So, the supposed testosterone he took raised him to the extreme levels overnight and then just as quickly metabolized and were gone. And yet, and yet, and yet, ... testosterone is not a quick acting doping agent. It builds slowly in your body and is metabolized even more slowly.

Forget the argument that it would be stupid to rely on testosterone for a quick one day surge. Forget the argument that someone would have to be stupid to think he could take an illegal drug, win a stage, and not have it be detected in the mandatory drug test that follows a stage win. The simple argument is that it is not medically feasible for Floyd's testosterone levels to change so drastically, so quickly.

If I were Floyd Landis trying to prove my innocence, the first thing I would do is demand all of my other test results taken during the Tour. Look at the testosterone levels during the entire period. Then find the medical experts to show what would have to be done to create that profile.

Speaking of conspiracy theories, here's a good one. If Floyd had been slipped a testosterone supplement orally during the day, perhaps in a water bottle, it would have been metabolized quickly. He would have gotten little actual benefit, and it would have been passed out in his urine. Hmmm...

Here's another one. Did you see the big hug that Oscar Pereiro gave Floyd after his big comeback (but before the drug test)? I'm not sure how he did it, but ... Think about this. Oscar did remarkably well in the final time trial. He may even end up with the yellow jersey himself, if it is taken away from Floyd. But, he will have done that without having to pass the drug test in the final two days. If he had something to hide, that would be the perfect way to do it!

Oh, by the way, which one's Yellow?

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