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Friday, February 27, 2009

Call of the Tour

I'm not usually much of a sports prognosticator. However, I think I did pretty well in my predictions for the recently completed Tour of California.

How did I do?
  • Lance in the top five -- actually, he finished seventh, not too bad
  • Levi to win the tour, with Lance's help -- yup
  • Floyd, Tyler, and Ivan to do less than top performances -- Landis was 23rd (over 10 minutes back), Hamilton was 83rd out of 84th (over an hour back), and Basso failed to start the time trial while in 13th place
  • Cavendish would win two or three stages -- he picked up two
  • Boonen would win one stage -- he got second on the line in two stages
  • Cancellara would win the prologue -- yup
  • Lance would win the time trial -- nope, he was 14th; I missed that one!
  • Lots of successful breakaways -- there were four in seven road stages, pretty good odds
I'd say that was a correct prediction in seven out of ten, pretty close on two, and completely wrong on one.

I hate to toot my own horn, but you have to admit I did pretty good on this one.

How's Lance going to to in the Giro? Ask me again in about two months.

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