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Sunday, October 11, 2009

City of Boulder 2009 Ballot Issues

City Council approved four issues for the 2009 ballot, all related to taxes and debt, and all deserve careful consideration before voting.

Each ballot issue is defined in an ordinance that includes a summary of council`s findings on the issue - good for letting voters know council's rationale. But each ordinance also specifies that these findings are not to be printed on the ballot - bad for deciding how to vote.

Voters who want to know more can find these ordinances on the city's Web site and in the county election pamphlet. But for additional information about the issues voters need to know at which council meetings they were on the agenda, search for meeting notes, and hope that the discussions were actually documented.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent assessment of the what the city needs and what Barry will offer. He is the only candidate that represents all of Boulder and the only candidate who has done his homework to be prepared for this important job. Thanks Mike!

Sun Oct 11, 06:01:00 PM  
Anonymous Seth Brigham said...

Did a little investigation on some contributions to candidates, first, focussing on Barry Siff.

I started with the most recent filing on October 20th, and started down the list.

I thought to check only on $100 donations.

I got tired and sickened by what I found.

It's up to the real reporters, investigators, to research the contributors, especially those giving $100.

Wouldn't it be nice if the Daily Camera went through every $100 contribution and listed who got what from whom?

This is who Barry Siff will represent... It didn't take long to see a pattern... These are the first twenty $100 contributors on this most recent list filed October 20th.

Some of them are the largest Republican donors in Boulder.

I wonder what more we would find if we did this for every candidate in relation to every maximum $100 donation.
Below these contributors, is a list of contributors from another investigation done on the web, same kind of results...

Donald Ash,


Gravity Cycles, just came to Boulder, hoping to be the provider of bicycle sharing program/ for-profit

Real estate

Cindy Wilson, Business Advisor

Ed McDowell, Owner of Flatiron Industrial Park

Micheal Boyer, Business Consultant to large Corporations

Bill Eckert, Coast to Coast development

Susan Chisman, Construction

Dellacava Day, Development Company

LTD Enterprises, property Management

Delta Holdings, Investment Firm

Daniel Hersh, Real Estate
Judith Hersh, related

Jeffrey Eckert, Coast To Coast development

Rikeman, real estate

Fisher, business owner of Fisher Honda

LD, LLC = Teck Sales, manufacturing and distribution ( not positive on this one )

Weissmann ERIC
owner of Private equity investment firm

Gary Myre, Real Estate Management

James Crowder, Mortgage Contracts and Real Estate Loans

Once again,

I find another investigator looking over Barry Siff's contributions.... I don't know where on the list he found these contributors.

These are all from another list... we really should check out Fenno, Ageton, Karakehian, KC Becker and others...

Barry Siff- pawn of developers

Barry Siff - developer contributions: Vote Siff if you want Boulder contolled by rich corporate types. So why would these rich developers be giving to Siff?

The Will Murray Company $100
Palmos Soterios $100 (shopping center owner seeking to put a Wallmart type store at 28th and Jay Road)
Palmos Leonidas $100
North Broadway Center $100
Allison Management LLC $100
Jaycox Family Enterprises $100
The New Hill Company $100
Riggle Gordon (represents developers) $100
Hotard Kenneth $100
1165 Thirteenth Street LLC $100
Housing Helpers of Colorado, LLC $100
Pedestrian Corporation (Richard Polk's development company) $100
PEH Architects Inc $100
HortonGary $100
Horton, Shelia $100
Tebo Development Company $100
3040 LLC $100
5290 Arapahoe LLC $100
Tebo/ Chaknova II LLC $100
Management LLC $100
Del Mar Interests $100
Four Star Realty & Property Mgmt $100
Rodwin Scott $25 (architect, business must be bad)
Flagstaff Properties $100

How about it Daily Camera... Lay it ALL out there, all the $100 contributors to all the campaigns!

Seth Brigham
1580 7th St. Apt. A

Mon Oct 26, 10:48:00 AM  

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