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Monday, October 09, 2006

Get High With a Little Help from the Voters (Colorado Amendment 44)

Amendment 44 is the only citizen-initiated ballot proposal this year that would amend the Colorado statutes, rather than its constitution. That alone makes it deserve a closer look.

The stated goal of this proposal is to equalize the treatment of marijuana and alcohol in this state, and to provide a "safer" alternative to alcohol use. It would legalize the possession (and private use) of up to an ounce of marijuana for adults 21 and over.

Still illegal would be possession if you are under 21, possessing more than an ounce, providing marijuana to anyone underage, growing or selling marijuana, or any public use.

Also, unfortunately for Boulder City Council Member Richard Polk, it would not legalize driving while stoned.

Marijuana possession will also remain a federal crime, which means that petty pot smokers would still be subject to arrest and conviction by federal officers and courts.

I also note that, since growing and selling pot would remain illegal, a crime would still have to be committed in order to legally possess your small amount for personal, private use.

That said, I do believe that proponents are probably right, that it likely is safer than alcohol. In fact, I'd bet smoking a joint a day is safer than drinking a can of soda every day.

This law would also free up money and energy spent catching and prosecuting minor drug users.

This seems imperfect, but it's a step in the right direction. I recommend a YES vote on Amendment 44.

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