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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What Are They Thinking?

One has to wonder who is making the decisions for the Writers' Guild of America. All negotiations in their strike have ceased. You'd think they would be looking for all the good press they could get.

Instead, they are busy back stabbing one of their biggest supporters (and members). Jon Stewart very clearly spoke out for the WGA. He renamed his show to illustrate that support. He even, according to rumors, volunteered to pay his writers out of his own pocket at their regular salary for their creative efforts in writing pro-union slogans for their placards.

So, how do they thank him? By making a deal with Letterman that allows the Pants Man to go back on air with writers, and refusing Stewart's offer to match what Letterman signed. Then, by taking those (reportedly) well-compensated placards and marching with them outside of the Daily Show's studio.

Well, here's what I've learned after two nights -- The Daily Show may have excellent writers, but Jon Stewart seems to do pretty well without them. By their refusal to deal with Comedy Central, the writers are pretty much showing us how irrelevant they really are. On one of the few television shows that non-insulting writing, we now know that the people responsible for that writing are not the ones holding up the anti-Viacom signs outside.

I think it's time to bring in Monty Hall and Make a Deal. Pick Door #1, Door #2, or Door #3, but please pick something.

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