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Saturday, October 11, 2008

I will Gladly Pay You Tuesday for a Solar Panel Today -- Boulder County Issue 1A

Issue 1A is a rather clever way to help people afford renewable energy systems (primarily solar) and energy efficiency upgrades for their homes. The county, using its credit rating and ability to sell bonds, borrows money at a decent rate. Homeowners can access that credit to pay for green upgrades to their homes. So, even if the upgrade doesn't pay for itself for several years, the homeowner still gets a positive cash flow starting on day one. The debt is applied to the home, not the homeowner, meaning that if the home is sold both the debt and the energy savings go with it. There is no tax increase and this does not impact anybody who does not agree to participate.

Sounds like a win-win, except for one big concern. With our current credit crisis and the poor economy, this measure would provide another way for people to go into debt. My hope is that when the county program is put into place they create standards to measure the proposed improvements and the expected payback. The last thing people will need is something that will add $100 dollars/month to their mortgage payment (via escrow) and save them only $10/month in energy costs.

That said, if this program is well administered it could be a very positive way to encourage capital-intensive home energy improvements.

Vote YES on Boulder County Issue 1A.

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