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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Summary of 2009 Boulder Ballot Issues

This post summarizes my analysis of the 2009 City of Boulder and Boulder County ballot. You may not agree with any particular recommendation, but you can easily see how I came to my recommendation and come to your own decision based on all of the facts. My biggest goal is to ensure that fewer people vote on issues based on either just the ads or just reading the issue title on the ballot.

Remember, when in doubt, vote no! Here's the list. Click on any specific issue to see my full analysis.

Boulder County Measures
YESIssue 1A
Open Space Sales and Use Tax Extension
YESIssue 1B
ClimateSmart Bond Authorization
YESIssue 1C
Energy Conservation Bond Authorization
YESIssue 1D
DA Term Limits Extension

City of Boulder Measures
YESQuestion 2A
Sales and Use Tax Extension
YESQuestion 2B
Open Space General Obligation Bonds
YESQuestion 2C
Pension Bond Funding
NOQuestion 2D
Changes to Housing Excise Tax

City of Boulder Council
Barry Siff

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