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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Does It Help Puppies, Too? (Colorado Referendum E)

Gosh, who doesn't want to help disabled vets? Those of us who aren't disabled vets certainly feel guilty. Maybe giving them a break on their property taxes is the least we can do.

Referendum E would cut property taxes for 100% disabled vets by half on their homes' first $200,000 in value. The state would reimburse local governments for the cost of this tax break. The state legislature would also have the ability to adjust the amount of the break from year to year, as they recently did with a similar tax break we have already granted to seniors in this state.

Here is the fundamental flaw in this proposal that nobody wants to talk about. It's the sad puppy syndrome. Flash up a picture of a sad puppy (or some other image designed to make people feel guilty), and they will agree to anything. I'm not saying that helping disabled vets is bad (it isn't). But why them? Why aren't we offering to cut taxes for disabled firefighters? What about tornado victims? What about people who shelter lost puppies in their homes? What particular sacrifice or sad story is sufficient to earn this particular charity from the taxpayers of this state?

Regarding disabled vets, yes, our government owes them big time. That would be our federal government, which asked them to serve and then took the second biggest sacrifice it could ask. If we are not providing adequate compensation for this, shame on us.

But, as this Referendum is written, it is just a band-aid applied by a bystander. And, not a very good one. Remember, it only helps those vets with a 100% permanent disability who also own a home in this state. That is less than one percent of the vets in this state.

So, vote NO on Referendum E. And then write to your senators and congressional representative and tell them you are embarrassed to even have to consider this.

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