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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vino Barbs It All

There are only two possible explanations as to why Alexandre Vinokourov would do what he's been accused of. One, he was so stupid and desperate, and his chances in the Tour were so far gone, that he was willing to risk it. Or, two, doping is so widespread and testing so poor that the chances of being caught are deemed an acceptable risk.

Consider the consequences: A shameful expulsion from the tour. The fact that he has forced all of his teammates to withdraw from the race (assuming none of them are complicit), a very ironic turn after his being forced out of the tour last year because several of his teammates were ejected based on doping allegations. The fact that another big doping scandal is another big blow to the sport and to the Tour. And, if proven, a fine of a year's salary, and a ban from the sport of at least two years.

I suspect we're not done with this cycle of doping scandals.

In any case, at least cycling fans can take comfort in the fact that the doping in this sport is being made public, unlike most other sports.

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