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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

End of the Family Programming Hour

Apparently, David Chase filmed several versions of the final episode of The Sopranos, so that nobody would find out early how it ended. Well, I wrote up several responses before I actually watched the episode, but I at least am willing to share them with my loyal readers.

1. You know, I always suspected that Uncle Junior was faking. But, when he retrieved his hidden stash and used it consolidate his power and to make good on his earlier failed attempt at killing Tony, I thought that was brilliant. What better place to run the crime family than from the state mental hospital. And who knew that Janice had it in her to help plot such a thing -- getting Phil Leotardo to kill her own husband. And then, using that murder as the incentive to get Tony and Phil together to shoot each other, well she proved her brilliance and earned her new number two spot under Uncle June.

2. I always thought Tony's relationship was a bit close with FBI Agent Dwight Harris. But I never guessed that Tony was an FBI agent all along. And when he finally came out and arrested all of the (surviving) members of his gang, it was perfect. They were all in such shock, nobody could do a thing in response. Seeing Tony put the cuffs on Paulie, well that was priceless; I thought he had it coming for at least two seasons.

3. What a cop out! Phil Leotardo, with a gun pointed at Tony, then a fade to black. Then a woozy return to consciousness, and we see Tony lying on the ground next to his pool, with a flock of ducks flying by. Yes, it turns out that all six seasons and 86 episodes were a dream that Tony experienced while he was blacked out. One can only hope that his imagined sessions with Dr. Melfi would have some impact on Tony's real life. But of course, in real life it turns out that Tony is not a gangster, but merely a salesman. And I suppose that his dream is merely the fantasy that we all share that our boring lives would become HBO-worthy.

4. I knew she was manipulative. But it came as a big surprise to me to find out that Dr. Melfi was actually the driving force behind most of Tony's big actions. Using the power of subliminal suggestion she was able to drive him to her goals so easily. She must have been watching The Manchurian Candidate. But seeing her gunned down by the FBI, well, that was pretty hard to swallow. I would have thought she'd be smart enough to find the listening device in her office -- under her own chair!

Oh, well, maybe I didn't quite get it right in any of my predictions, but who did any better? I invite any of you to submit your fantasy series ending in a comment to this post.

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