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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Advice of Council: Boulder City Council Election 2007

Choosing who to vote for in the city council election is not simple for somebody like me who tries to always think rationally. At least with ballot issues you can read the text of the question and rationally evaluate what it says. With council candidates, you have to look at dozens of sources to get a feel for the positions of each candidate, along with determining whether that candidate has the smarts and temperament to serve in this position for the next four years.

And this election is particularly tough, with 22 candidates for 7 seats.

Of course, being me, I made a spreadsheet. On one axis, I listed each candidate, and along the other I listed each major issue and each major endorsement. Then I read the candidates' stated responses to the various surveys and forums and assigned them plus and minus points for each. I gave (or deducted) extra points for each endorsement from a major interest group.

So, here's where I ended up. These are not endorsements, just a statement of who I plan on voting for. Your selections may vary depending on your own spreadsheet.

The top six (in alphabetical order):
  • Crystal Gray
  • Lisa Morzel
  • Eugene Pearson
  • Susan Peterson
  • Larry Quilling
  • Ken Wilson
I highlighted Susan Peterson and Larry Quilling because neither has gotten as many endorsements as the others, but both seem very thoughtful and knowledgeable and deserve careful consideration by any voter.

My seventh vote will be one of the following, and I'll probably decide when I fill out my ballot:
  • Matt Appelbaum
  • Macon Cowles
  • Susan Osborne
Or I may just vote for six.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the Boulder election. I found them helpful in deciding how to vote.

Wed Oct 31, 09:50:00 PM  

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