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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Forty Year Old Virgins in the Wilderness: City of Boulder Question 2A

Question 2A on the city's ballot is pretty simple. Should we grant the city council the right to lease public property for up to 40 years (instead of the current 20 years)?

Well, they already have the right to lease out public property. And it would require a 2/3 council majority. And it would free them up to better do their job.

However, one must ask, why are they asking for this now? Is there something coming up that we don't know about that will require leasing public property for 40 years? The things that come to mind are the Conference Center which has been proposed for the Farmer's Market area, and the Transit Village west of 30th Street. These are both highly charged projects that will require significant discussion. It appears to me that this change would allow the council to bypass some of that public discussion.

Vote NO on City of Boulder Question 2A.

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