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Thursday, February 28, 2008

If It's War the Politically Correct Want ...

There's recently been a huge controversy on campus -- specifically at the Campus Press. Until last week, I assumed that the folks at CU really were culturally sensitive. But then it hit me. They hate our Constitution, and hence are truly insensitive to the root of our culture.

Really, this is hitting very close to home. Max Karson, a CU student and staff editor at the Campus rag, ignited this conflagration with his article. But soon the campus, the city, even the nation erupted with calls for his head. The charge? Bad satire that some people found offensive. If bad satire that is not PC is a crime, then all my loyal reader are going to have to come find my latest rants in jail.

I read over Max's piece. And what did he say that was so offensive? Well, he suggested that all white people are drunk, racist, narcissistic, stupid, sadistic, domineering, redneck cultural slaves. And that Asians aren't.

So, now everybody is upset, not that he made fun of us white Americans, but that he didn't equally make fun of the non-white folks. This is no longer land of the free, home of the brave. It is land of the meek, home of the slave. The spirit of the First Amendment has been sacrificed at the altar of cultural sensitivity.

And just think of it. You can see the same types of comments every night at the comedy club or on prime time TV. Where would Sarah Silverman, Stephen Colbert, Larry David, and Steve Carell be without this type of tool in their box? And if a college kid can't learn to do this at the campus newspaper, how are we gonna teach the next generation of Sarah Silvermen?

Remember, the greatest satirists of all time, like Jonathan Swift and Mark Twain, are considered so today largely because the targets of their wrath no longer exist, and hence they are no longer offensive.

So, please, if you can't stand the heat become a Danish-Muslim comic aficionado, and leave the rest of us to examine our own foibles in our own embarrassing way.

Warning: Every one of these clips is highly offensive.

Sarah Silverman:

Stephen Colbert:

Larry David:

Steve Carell:

South Park:

Mark Twain:

Jonathan Swift:

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