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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Why'd He Do It?

On my run today, I came upon a dead skunk in the middle of the trail, so far decomposed it no longer smelled. On the way back, I stopped to watched a green snake slithering through the grass.

No particular reason, but I started thinking about Senator McCain's presidential campaign. Have you seen any of his ads? I generally TiVo through them, but occasionally I can't, and I get to see how he's positioning himself for the biggest job in the world. And that is: By insulting his opponent and telling tales that are so close to being lies that the camera has to focus high on his face to not show the smoke curling from his pants when he approves the ads.

You know I used to have quite a bit of respect for the Arizona Senator, back when he really seemed willing to stand up to people on both sides of the political fence. He used to think the fundamentalist right was an evil influence on politics. Then he actively sought out the endorsement of Pastor John Hagee, who actually is working towards nuclear war with Iran so that Israel will be destroyed and he (Hagee) can proceed directly to Heaven without having to pass Go. He promised to nominate Supreme Court justices that would vote for evangelical causes. And then he went and selected fundamentalist Gov. Palin as his running mate.

Why did he pick her? Well, my theory is that he had to do something drastic to stop Obama's convention momentum. Democratic excitement, and the biggest on-site and television audience in political convention history, and all that stopped cold by talk about Sarah. Perhaps a good short-term decision, but he's going to have to live with this longer term.

And speaking of Palin, what's up with her idea of teaching creationism in public schools? Suppose we did just that, put intelligent design on the high school science curriculum right next to evolution. To be intellectually honest, we would have to hold it up to the light and point out all the flaws in this so-called scientific theory. If you are a supporter of evolution (and who isn't), that might be intellectually satisfying. But, if actively supporting a specific religion in public school is unconstitutional (as it surely is), then actively pointing out the flaws in a specific religion is just as unconstitutional. Therefore, the science teacher would be prevented from saying anything negative about intelligent design, which would completely defeat the purpose of the "science" part of the science class.

Not to mention putting all those kids in the middle of the controversy, making them pawns in some religio-political battle. No, that should be done at home.

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Blogger Skepticon66 said...

Why did he do it? Really? To get elected of course. Why do politicians do anything really? To get elected. If they don't get elected they can't do anything. They can't push their agenda and policies. Politicians by definition are no good if not elected. The Democrats are not going to simply "see the way" and adopt Republican policies because McCain talked about them during the election process. The only way McCain gets to make a difference is if he is elected. McCain chose Palin because she is young, female, bright, energetic conservative and a Washington outsider. She will appeal to younger voters, women voters and those that like the "outsider" image if not the policies of the Obama camp. You didn't post about Obama's choice for VP...Biden? Come on. Could anyone be more un-Obama like? He is a Washington insider - has been for over 30 years. How does this fit into the Obama message of change? Democrats have the majority in the House and Senate for crying out loud, what have they done about changing things lately (much less Biden for the last 30 years)? Deep down you know the answer to your question, you just don't like the answer - because it just might work...he might get elected.

Thu Sep 04, 08:05:00 PM  
Blogger insomniac said...

Thinking about this some more, I've come up with four reasons why McCain picked Palin, and all of them seem to have worked, at least to some extent:

1) As I said above, stopped Obama's convention momentum cold.

2) Allowed McCain to frame the discussion in his terms.

3) Gave the evangelicals a face-saving way to support McCain.

4) Created a "celebrity" candidate to combat Obama's huge charisma advantage.

It's quite amusing to watch McCain and his people get all huffy when folks get on Palin's case, in almost the same manner that he and his camp having been doing to Obama for quite a while. It may not be right, but I have no sympathy for McCain and Palin, even if some of the controversies may be somewhat contrived. After all, I've been watching the huge amount of venom and lies that have been spewing forth at Obama and think it's probably only fair that some goes the other way.

Thu Sep 04, 11:45:00 PM  

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