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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'll Explain When You're Older -- Colorado 2008 Referendum L

Yes, it's that time of year again. The ballots are being printed and people are starting to discuss the extremely long ballot we're going to have to vote on. The State of Colorado alone will have 18 measures on the ballot. Boulder County will also have two, and the City of Boulder will have seven. As usual, I'll be analyzing each of the issues between now and the election, so keep tuned as I make my way through them.

At the top of the list are four issues referred to the ballot by the state legislature. First on that list is Referendum L, which would reduce the required age to serve in the state legislature from 25 to 21. Upon reading the bill, I noticed that they also added the requirement that a candidate be an elector of the State of Colorado, which means registered to vote here, although this aspect doesn't seem to be discussed in other forums.

First, the age limitation. Typically one graduates from college at about 22, so this would allow college juniors to run for state office. This doesn't excite me, although I suppose in theory they would naturally be filtered out at the ballot box. But then, why let them run in the first place if they may not be qualified?

Who is old enough to serve in the state legislature? I would think that a minimum would be a college graduate (or equivalent real world experience) plus a couple of years out in the real world. So, maybe 23 or 24 would be ok, if the candidate were very mature, smart, and had relevant experience.

Second, the referendum would add the requirement that a candidate be an elector of the State of Colorado -- registered to vote. This is actually a good idea, as it would filter out people from serving who don't care enough to actually vote.

Unfortunately, this measure is written as an amendment to the state constitution. This means that it will be very difficult to make even minor changes once approved. It will have to go back before the voters. Therefore, it has to be right, or we may be stuck with a bad rule for a hundred years.

Therefore, I would send this back to the state legislature to get it right. Add in the requirement to be an elector, but don't lower the age limit any more than about 24, if at all.

Vote NO on Referendum L.

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