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Monday, February 20, 2006

Why Can’t We All Just … Grow Up?

Seminal child psychologist Jean Piaget (1896-1980) developed a theory of childhood development that is still widely used today. He identified four stages of cognitive development through which the child progresses, from birth though adulthood.

In Piaget’s model, a child of about six or seven begins a process of decentration – in which the child begins to recognize the viewpoints and feelings of other people. This process can continue for years.

I’m beginning to think that the definition of a fundamentalist is somebody who cannot successfully complete this process. Think about it.

A Muslim fundamentalist does not understand that there are non-Muslims who do not follow the same teachings. Political cartoons that are insensitive to their religious views, created and published by non-Muslims in far away countries, are sufficient to incite them to violence. Immoral behavior by non-Muslims in another country is enough to cause them to blow themselves up along with as many innocent bystanders as possible. It does not seem in the least hypocritical to them that their own actions and beliefs are just as immoral to the very people they despise.

A Christian fundamentalist believes that his religion defines morality for all. No matter that people of other religions (including many Christians) may hold strong views that are contrary and just as moral to them. If it is a fundamentalist belief, it is worthy of writing in the law of the land. Someone who believes differently is anti-Christian (even if they are just as devout in their own beliefs, and may even consider themselves Christians).

If you are a fundamentalist, your beliefs are the only ones. You have the right, even the duty to enforce your beliefs on others. If others believe something different than you, then your very existence is threatened. Even though your God may be all-knowing and all-powerful, you do not trust Him to enforce His own laws. You need to do it for Him. It is not enough that the nonbelievers are condemned to hell for all eternity. They must also be harassed, arrested, and even murdered in this life.

My message to all religious fundamentalists: Grow up! Recognizing the existence of people who are different than you isn’t the end of the world. It is the expansion of the world.



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