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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Give Us Your Poor (Colorado Referendum H and Referendum K)

These two referenda are meant to address the immigration issue, as well as to convince us voters that the state legislature has done something on that topic this term.

Ref H simply denies the corresponding state income tax deduction on wages for employers who knowingly hire unauthorized aliens. Employers will still get to deduct those wages on their federal taxes.

I'm sure that if this passes we won't be seeing many employers admitting that they are employing illegals, as this is in itself illegal. Therefore, this seems fairly symbolic. However, it does deny a tax write-off on something that is illegal, and as such seems like a fair thing to do.

I suggest voting YES on Referendum H, but it probably won't matter much either way.

I laughed out loud when I read Referendum K. See if you can follow this:
  • The state legislature is referring this measure

  • to the voters in Colorado, who are asked to approve

  • a law demanding that

  • the Colorado attorney General file a lawsuit

  • against the U.S. attorney general to demand that

  • the federal government enforce existing immigration laws.
Makes my head spin.

This measure is purely symbolic. Other states have tried similar lawsuits and failed. Plus, the state already has two laws direct the state attorney general to take all available steps to get the federal government to cover the state's costs for illegal immigration.

Referendum K is a silly waste of time and money. Vote NO.

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