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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I Get Around (Boulder County Issue 1A)

Boulder County Issue 1A would impose an additional 0.2% sales and use tax (excluding food and prescription drugs) that would be spent on transit improvements (80% of the revenue) and trails (20%).

The transit improvements would be done in conjunction with spending already approved for RTD. Spending would be controlled by the county Transit Enhancement Plan, providing needed accountability. The projects to be funded include popular items such as Eco Pass, call-n-ride, improved mountain services, improved connections between cities within the county, special transit services for seniors, hybrid and alternative fuel buses, improvements to bus stops, and connections to bike and pedestrian facilities. These are all items that are not currently part of the RTD plan, or which can be enhanced by the use of county funds.

The trails improvements would be spent on building out the regional trails plan. This would add or complete many trails and important connectors that would get significant use. This includes the feeder canal from Lyons to Boulder Reservoir, trails between Boulder and Longmont, the Boulder County portion of the US36 bike path, and many other missing connections.

After 14 years, the tax will be cut by 75% to 0.05%, meaning that there will likely be another election then to continue funding for the various program improvements.

I think just about everybody will be able to find something to like about this proposal, as well as something they would never use. In Boulder we have proven that if you make the transit, trail, and cycling options meet the needs of people, they will use them, and you can make a significant dent in single-occupancy motor vehicle usage. The items identified in this measure would continue to move our region towards world class status.

Vote YES on Boulder County Issue 1A.

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