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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Six Votes are Better than Seven

I discussed my choices for the Boulder city council election recently.
And, even though we get to vote on candidates for seven seats, I plan on only voting for six.

I came up with six candidates at the top of my list, and three not quite as strong. However, each of those three (Appelbaum, Cowles, and Osborne) is a pretty strong candidate with a reasonable chance of winning a seat (although none of them is a shoe-in). Osborne is the most highly endorsed candidate. The other two have significant city government experience (Appelbaum as a previous council member), and have as many endorsements as two of my favorites.

This means that a vote for any of these three could bump them up over one of my favorites. Therefore, a vote for one of my second tier selections could actually be a vote against one of my first tier selections. If I voted, for example, for Macon Cowles, he came in seventh place, and beat Larry Quilling by one vote, I could have cost big Larry the seat.

So, I suggest if you have some favorites that you consider not voting for candidates that you may not feel as strongly about.

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