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Monday, November 22, 2010

How Did I Do? Election 2010

Are people reading my recommendations more this year? Are they starting to take me more seriously? Are people actually starting to read the issues and think about their implications before voting?

I'm not sure what happened this year, but the election results were much closer to my recommendations than they have been in past years. Probably just luck.

I called for a protest to vote "No" on all statewide ballot issues. In fact, almost all were soundly defeated. The only one that passed was a measure referred by the legislature to allow them to temporarily move the state capital in a state of emergency. Definitely not a big deal.

And voters approved every single county, city, and school district issue, including five tax increases. The only issue in the batch that I had recommended against, the Boulder Valley School District tax increase was certainly for a good cause. My concerns had to do with accountability, and hopefully BVSD will prove responsible with this new chunk of cash.

And maybe my winning streak will continue into future years.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Whose words?

Many are happy to interpret recent election results, but to me it's simple. People are out of work and taking it out on their elected officials.

According to my statistical analysis of past elections, the unemployment rate has been responsible for about a third of switched congressional seats. Further, when the unemployment rate is above about 7 percent, that contribution leaps to somewhere between half and two thirds.

When unemployment is high it is a huge factor in house seats being lost by the president's party. When unemployment is low, other factors come more into play.

Based on this theory, you could have predicted that Democrats would lose at least 40 seats in the House without looking at a single news story, poll result, party platform, or campaign ad.

But there's more to this story.


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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Summary of 2010 Boulder and Colorado Ballot Issues

Here are my analyses and recommendations for each issue on this year's ballot from the City of Boulder, Boulder County, and the State of Colorado. You may not agree with any particular recommendation, but you can easily see how I came to my recommendation and come to your own decison based on all of the facts. My biggest goal is to ensure that fewer people vote on issues based on either just the ads or just reading the issue title on the ballot.

Remember, when in doubt, vote no! Here's the list. The most important issues are bold. Click on any specific issue to see my full analysis.

Colorado Measures
NOAmendment P
Regulation of Games of Chance
NOAmendment Q
Temporary Location for the State Seat of Government
NOAmendment R
Exempt Possessory Interests in Real Property
NOAmendment 60
Property Taxes
NOAmendment 61
Limits on State and Local Government Borrowing
NOAmendment 62
Application of the Term Person
NOAmendment 63
Health Care Choice
NOProposition 101
Income, Vehicle, and Telecommunication Taxes and Fees
NOProposition 102
Criteria for Release to Pretrial Services Programs

Boulder County Measures
YESIssue 1A
Human Services Safety Net Mill Levy Increase
YESIssue 1B
Countywide Open Space Sales and Use Tax Increase and Bond Authorization

City of Boulder Measures
YESIssue 2A
Public Accomodations Tax
YESIssue 2B
Five Year Utility Occupation Tax to Replace Lost Franchise Fee Revenue
YESQuestion 2C
Height Limit

Boulder Valley School District Measures
NOIssue 3A
Property Tax Increase

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