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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Jobs Does It Again!

FROM THE FLOOR OF MACWORLD IN SAN FRANCISCO: Yes, literally from the floor of Macworld. After Steve Jobs' keynote speech, I had to pick myself up and quickly brush off all the dandruff flakes.

Yeah, yeah, everybody's gonna be talking about the Intel announcement, and the entrance Intel's Otellini made. They're gonna be talking about the powerful new MacBook. But, what really got me was the announcement of the new iPod Mega.

Think about it. They had us going for a while with the smaller is better. Nano this, pico that. But this is pure genius. Big is truly beautiful.

The iPod Mega does it all. Imagine a portable device that supports widescreen high-definition video, and a screen that you'll want to watch it on. It connects to your cable system, your DirecTv or Dish. It has a built-in DVR, with half a gig of disk space. The dual tuner model will probably be out within 8 months. 6.1 channel Dolby Digital sound. Wireless network with full Internet access. DVD/CD player (DVD writer model expected within a year). PDA/phone/4 Mpx camera.

Steve Jobs at Macworld 2006, praying to his water bottle that his iPod Mega demo will work correctly.

Imagine getting on the bus, plane or train with one of these babies. You hang the HD monitor from the ceiling (hook provided), spread out the speakers in the other seats in your row, and just relax for the long ride home. The other passengers will be drooling!

Or, you're sitting in your cube at work. Nobody need be the wiser. The speakers are perfectly designed to fit on your bookshelf and in your filing cabinet, while the monitor can sit right in front of your computer monitor. Your boss walks by, and you just push a button. Magically, your HD movie is paused and your spreadsheet pops up on your iPod Mega monitor. Yes, that spreadsheet is real -- Apple has a deal with Microsoft to run MS Office on the Mega! And, with wireless networking, it may even be the one the boss just emailed you.

As you can see, I'm pretty psyched about this new product. There is even a special carrying case, complete with hand truck and backpack components. So, get with it, get your Mega, get to the gym and work on your back exercises. Because this is it!

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