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Friday, October 20, 2006

Local Climate Change (Boulder Ballot Issue 202)

Issue 202 is the City of Boulder's attempt to come into compliance with the Kyoto Protocol on Global Climate Change. It would raise money by asking Xcel to tax electricity consumption. The typical household would see an increase of $1.87 per month, while the typical manufacturer would see an increase of $5.20 and an office building might see an increase of $33.

There is a detailed plan for how to spend this money. The plan itself acknowledges that there would be no significant global impact. So why would you vote for this? It's not even taking this money and buying us all solar panels.

Well, you have to start somewhere. If every city in this country did the same thing, there would be an impact. And then the state and federal governments would have to jump on the bandwagon. Pretty soon, we're setting an example for the world, instead of vice versa.

Plus, lowering our greenhouse gas emissions will have the side effects of lowering our energy use, cutting our energy costs, helping to clean the air, reducing traffic, and a whole list of other benefits.

Vote YES on Issue 202.

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