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Thursday, October 26, 2006

An Issue to Sink My Teeth Into (Boulder Issue 2B)

The proponents of Issue 2B would have you believe that you are voting to eliminate toxins such as lead and arsenic from our drinking water. Nothing is further from the truth. This issue is designed to, first and foremost, eliminate fluoridation of our city water supply.

Now, there are many arguments for and against adding fluoride to the water. On one side, there is no doubt that fluoride in the water has improved our dental health. On the other hand, there are increasing studies that show negative impacts of ingesting fluoride, such as reductions in bone density. This last certainly touches me, as I've fractured three vertebrae due to low bone density.

But this issue has not been described in these terms. If passed, it would require the FDA to regulate additives in our drinking water, something they just don't do. This on the basis on miniscule amounts of arsenic and lead added as part of the fluoridation process. This is a backdoor way to ban fluoridation.

By all means, let's have the real debate on adding fluoride to our water. Let's do it in the open and not based on subterfuge and misinformation.

In the meantime, vote NO on Issue 2B.

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