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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What About the Babies?

The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver is hearing a case related to gay adoption. It seems that there is/was a law in Oklahoma banning gay adoption, and a federal judge there declared the law unconstitutional.

What I want to know: If the law is upheld, who will take care of all those gay babies in Oklahoma? Don't gay babies have the same rights to have parents that straight babies have?

In fact, the Oklahoma law takes the anti-gay adoption idea to the next step. They don't just ban the adoption of gay babies in that state. If a couple adopts a gay baby in another state and then visits Oklahoma, that adoption will not be recognized, and the gay baby will be taken from the ex-parents. Although it has not been reported, I assume that the baby will then be sent to the official gay orphanage in Oklahoma City.

If you've adopted a gay baby, I urge you to stay out of the Sooner State, or you could be childless sooner than you think!

Remember, there may be a debate over whether homosexuality is a choice that gay babies have made or if they were born that way. But still, can't all agree that they deserve parents too?

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